Faculty Research Highlights

Below are highlights of recent (2018) research accomplishments of Computer Science faculty.


  • Candidate Ranking for Maintenance of an Online Dictionary by Claire Broad, Helen Langone, David Guy Brizan at the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference 2018 conference (http://lrec2018.lrec-conf.org/en/)

  • Interpersonal Relationship Labels for the CALLHOME Corpus by Denys Katerenchuk, David Guy Brizan, Andrew Rosenberg at the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference 2018 conference (http://lrec2018.lrec-conf.org/en/)

  • Influencing Participant Behavior Through a Notification-Based Recommendation System by Venkata Reddy, Brian Bushree, Marcus Chong, Matthew Law, Mayank Thirani, Mark Yan, Sami Rollins, Nilanjan Banerjee, Alark Joshi at the 13th International Conference on Persuasive Technology (http://www.persuasive2018.org/)

  • Understanding Home Energy Saving Recommendations by Matthew Law, Mayank Thirani, Sami Rollins, Alark Joshi, Nilanjan Banerjee at the 13th International Conference on Persuasive Technology (http://www.persuasive2018.org/)

  • Using Animation to Alleviate Overdraw in Multiclass Scatterplot Matrices by Helen Chen, Sophie Engle, Alark Joshi, Eric Ragan, Beste Filiz Yuksel, Lane Harrison. ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) 2018, In Press, 2018. (https://chi2018.acm.org/)

  • Gamifying data visualizations on mobile devices by Noopur Agarwal and Alark Joshi. Data Visualization on Mobile Devices workshop at CHI 2018, April 2018. (https://mobilevis.github.io/)

  • Trident: Distributed Storage, Analysis, and Exploration of Multidimensional Phenomena by Matthew Malensek, Walid Budgaga, Ryan Stern, Shrideep Pallickara, and Sangmi Lee Pallickara, IEEE Transacations on Big Data (to appear)

  • Detecting and Adapting to Users’ Cognitive and Affective State to Develop Intelligent Musical Interfaces by Beste Filiz Yuksel, Kurt B. Oleson, Remco Chang, Robert J K Jacob. In: Human-Computer Interaction and Music, (In Press), Springer London, 2018.

  • We're Not Dead Yet!  Designing User Interfaces for an Aging Population by Jeffrey Johnson and Kate Finn at the Gerontology 2018 conference

  • Analyzing Advertising Labels: Testing Consumers’ Recognition of Paid Content Online by Jeffrey Johnson, CHI 2018 Late Breaking Work.

  • Workshop at CHI 2018 on Brain-Computer Interfaces for Artistic Expression organized by Anton Nijholt, Robert J.K. Jacob, Marvin Andujar, Beste Filiz Yuksel, Grace Leslie.

  • Efficiently Validating Aggregated IoT Data Integrity
    By EJ Jung, SRI