Building a Bridge to Computer Science

The 2017-2018 academic year has brought lots of change to USF’s Department of Computer Science. This year we welcomed a new assistant faculty member, Matthew Malensek, our largest community of CS students, and the new MS in Computer Science Bridge program.

Over the years, CS has welcomed new graduate students from other disciplines. Most usually took a few courses here and there to satisfy the traditional MSCS program’s admission requirements. But as the discipline has grown in demand, the department decided to create a formal pathway for motivated students to move into computer science. 

This fall, 25 new MSCS Bridge students joined the department as our first-ever cohort. With backgrounds ranging from Architecture to Financial Accounting, our new bridge students are bringing a new and unique lense to the department. 

The Bridge program provides students with a one-year immersion in computing fundamentals, from object-oriented programming to algorithms and data structures. Students progress as a cohort through foundational coursework, preparing them for the two-year MS in Computer Science program. 

Interested in learning more about our MS in Computer Science Bridge program? Reach out to the department’s Graduate Program Manager Gian Bruno for more details.