Lab 6

Due Friday 4/17 - 5PM
  1. Download the jAudiotagger library.  Write a program that recursively traverses a directory and prints the artist, title, album, and filename of all MP3 files found in the directory or any of its descendants.  You program should take as input (at the command line) the directory.  The jAudiotagger library allows you to extract the relevant information from the ID3 tags stored in the MP3 file.  You will find the following links helpful in understanding how to use jAudiotagger:
  2. Draft a first cut of your design for Project 4.  Your design will include a list of the classes you plan to implement, the data members contained in each class, and the methods each class will support.  You should also consider how the classes will interact.  Meet with the professor on or before the deadline to discuss your design.