Lab 5 - XSLT

Due - Monday, October 5, 2009 - 3:30PM

The goal of this lab is to give you some practice using XSLT.  For this lab, you will use XSLT to transform the XML responses your web service generated in the previous lab into HTML that can be displayed by a browser. For the HTML, use the design you produced for Lab 1.

For each URL specified in Lab 3, you will also support html/{URL} where html takes the place of xml.  The content returned in response to the HTML request will be the XML content transformed into the appropriate HTML format for viewing in a browser.

Grading will be based on correctness of your code, as well as style.

Part 1

(60 points)

Write 1 or more XSL style sheets that transform the responses you generated for Lab 3 into HTML that looks like the HTML you produced for Lab 1.

Part 2

(40 points)

Use the Transformer class to apply the XSL transformations to your XML responses.

At this point, you do not need to, but certainly may, provide a main home page or other static content. This portion will be graded as part of your final submission for Project 1.


Refer to the testing procedure described for Lab 3. I will launch your program using the same command, and will use a browser to issue requests. 

Refer to the Submission Instructions.  In addition, make sure you do not hardcode any parameters that will change when running your program in a different environment.  For example, you should not hard code "C:\\bob's computer\my directory" as your root directory, as I will not be running your program on "bob's computer".  You may use a configuration file if you feel it is appropriate, and provide sufficient README instructions for changing necessary parameters.

Due 3:30PM - Monday October 5, 2009

Note: No portion of your code may be copied from any other source including another text book, a web page, or another student (current or former). You must provide citations for any sources you have used in designing and implementing your program.