MSCS Bridge Program

The University of San Francisco (USF) is pleased to announce the availability of a special bridge program that provides a unique opportunity for students with three-year undergraduate degrees to pursue a masters degree in The United States. Students with undergraduate degrees in technical disciplines such as bachelors of computer applications (BCA) and bachelors of science (BSc) can take an intensive year of preparatory courses at USF before embarking on their master's degree in computer science (MSCS). The USF Bridge program in computer science takes a total of three years with new students accepted each Fall. Students take 5 undergraduate courses in the first year as conditional graduate students and then take an additional 8 courses as regular graduate students.

Because of its close proximity to Silicon Valley, USF has ties with many high tech companies that provide internships during school and jobs upon graduation. Our students have taken jobs at top companies such as Apple, IBM, Intel, Sun, Microsoft, and Oracle to name a few. Silicon Valley continues to provide fantastic jobs and high salaries (not to mention a fabulous climate and highly desirable place to live). According to Information Week magazine, application developers in San Francisco made between US$80,000 and US$115,000 in 2005. A survey of practicing engineers by EETimes magazine found that two of the most important ways to get the best salary were to "work for a Silicon Valley employer" and "get an MS or a PhD." USF's bridge program is your gateway to exactly this combination.

USF's bridge program is an extremely practical and rigorous program taught by a highly motivated faculty with Ph.D.s from top US institutions. They are dedicated to providing each student with an excellent education. Applicants must have demonstrated a commitment to academic achievement with high marks and have a strong desire to become a top software developer. Both the TOEFL exam and GRE exam are required. On campus jobs are plentiful and can cover much of your living expenses.

The following tables describe the bridge year for entering students that want to obtain an MSCS degree:


 MA201  Discrete math
 CS212   Software development
 CS220  Parallel computing & C programming


CS245 Data structures
CS326 Operating systems

Required courses after bridge year, taken as part of MS

CS414 Compilers
(or CS652 programming languages)
CS315 Computer architecture