Computer Science Graduate Admission and Fellowship Award Policy

Admission to USF's Masters in Computer Science and Masters in Internet Engineering programs is based on the following information:Each of these items will be evaluated by the graduate admissions committee. The experience essay gives applicants the opportunity to describe their programming and extracurricular experience and to indicate why they want to attend graduate school at USF. The GRE subject test is not required and the GRE general test may be waived for candidates with exceptional professional or academic experience. 

A number of research fellowships (max of US$20,000) are granted each year. Recipients of fellowships will engage in research under the direction of faculty members. These fellowships are awarded to the top applicants purely on the basis of merit. To continue receiving units, awardees must earn a GPA of 3.3 or better and be involved in a research project with a faculty member after their first semester. Awards are reviewed each semester. 

The admissions committee may contact recommenders, interview applicants, and request additional information to more accurately evaluate candidates for admission and fellowship awards