SLS/CS Spring 2009


Special Lecture Series in Computer Science

CS 385      Harney Science Center 235:  The Kudlick Classroom   

Thursdays and some Tuesdays, 12:20–1:20


February             3       Patrick Kane, Cypress University Alliance Program, Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

     TUESDAY TALK                        “Wireless Technology in Embedded Systems”

                           12      Ryan Barrett, Google, Inc., Mountain View

                                                         “Transactions across Datacenters (and Other Weekend Projects)”

                          19       Video Demos of Jeff Han, hosted by Benjamin Wells, CS, USF

                                                        “Perceptive Pixels and Multitouch Interfaces”

                                            26       David Coggeshall, MapLab Project, San Francisco Communications

                                                       “Developing Open GeoSpatial Web Applications”


March                3        Geoffrey Irving, Production Engineer, Pixar Animation Studios, Emeryville

     TUESDAY TALK                     “A Taste of Physical Simulation in Graphics”

                         12       Beverly Reiser and Mark McGothigan, Bay Area computer-based installation artists

                                   “Collaborative Interactive Installations”

 ED 301             16      George Lakoff, Linguistics Department and Cognitive Science Program, UC Berkeley

      MONDAY TALK                     “The Brain's Ideas, Its Mathematics, and Its Politics”

                          31      Student Discussion #1


 April                   9      Dave Barker-Plummer, Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford University

                                    “Heterogeneous Reasoning”

 ED 301             13      Duleepa Wijayawardhana, Sun Microsystems

      MONDAY TALK                     “What the MySQL is This Anyway?—An Introduction to a Five-letter Phenomenon

                                                        and Why You Should Care”

                          14      Craig Bauling, Wolfram Research, Champaign IL

     TUESDAY TALK                     “Attractive Features of Mathematica v.7”

                          16      George Ledin, Computer Science, Sonoma State University

                                    “MALWARE—The Course”

                           23     Christopher Seiwald, Founder and CTO, Perforce, Inc., San Francisco

                                    “Perforce, the Fast Software Configuration Management System”

                           30     Steve Perlman, Founder and CEO, OnLive, Inc., San Francisco

                                    “OnLive: Video Games and Transparent Cloud Computing”

                      May                 5      Student Discussion #2


                          14      Master’s Project Presentations