SLS/CS Fall 2010

Special Lecture Series in Computer Science

CS 385 Harney Science Center 235: The Kudlick Classroom

Tuesdays or Thursdays, 12:20–1:20


February          11        Siggraph Animation Festival 2009, hosted by Benjamin Wells, Computer Science, USF

                                          “The Best Computer Graphics Videos of the Year"


                          18        Ciera Jaspan, CS, Carnegie Mellon University; Candidate for USF CS Faculty

                                          “Proper Plugin Protocols”


                          25        Nancy Blachman, Author, Founder: Variable Symbols, Math Delights, Julia Robinson Math Festival

                                          Google Guide and Following My Passion”


March               2         Jean Bovet, Oracle, USF MS/CS Alumnus

     TUESDAY TALK          “UI:  Bridging the Gap Between You and I


                          24        Matt Androski, Adobe Systems, Inc.        12:45–1:30 in Harney 232   FREE PIZZA

WEDNESDAY TALK        “The Modern Business of Software”


                          25        John Kodumal, Atlassian, Sydney, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and San Francisco

                                           “Static Analysis for Web Application Development”


                          30        Video presentation, hosted by Benjamin Wells, CS, USF

     TUESDAY TALK          “Achieving the Unachievable”


April                 8         Jan Reimann, Department of Mathematics, UC Berkeley

                                           “The Definition of Randomness—an Algorithmic Perspective”


                          15        Ramona Pierson, founder and former CEO of Synaptic Mash, participates on the panel of

                                           “From Classroom to Career: Success Stories of Women in Science and Technology”

                                                The panel begins at 12 noon in McLaren 250-252, with a reception to follow.

                                                Sponsored by Women in Science and the College of Arts and Sciences.


                          20        Ken Goldberg, IEOR, EECS, ISchool; Director, Berkeley Center for New Media, UC Berkeley

     TUESDAY TALK          “Visualizing Public Opinion”


                          22        Colin Munson, Sledgehammer/Activision, previously with Double Fine and Insomniac Games

                                          “How to Get a Job Making Games—Once There, How to Keep It!”


                          29        Jennifer Chubb, Mathematics, USF

                                          “Quantum Computing in the Real World@@”